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TVX-HS Image

  • TVX-HS Image
  • TVX-HS Image
TVX-HS : 1ch HDMI optic module
- TVX-HS-Tx : Transmitter
- TVX-HS-Rx : Receiver

1ch HDMI Extender is a device which transmits HDMI image signals to the maximum 2Km. And this minimizes change of signal level by equalizing video signals.

Max. Resolution 1920x1200@60Hz
Maximum Pixel Clock 225MHz
   - TVX-HS installs EEPROM inside.
   - This supports Real EDID and provides the optimal resolution.
Max. Transmission / Reception Distance
   - Optical single mode : 2km
   - Optical multi mode : 500m
TMDS Equalizing
HDCP Compliant
Thumb Screw locates at the rear panel.
Standard : HDMI 1.4
LC Connector type
TVX-HS : 1ch HDMI optic module





DVI Single mode   2,000 meter
Multi mode   500 meter
Power Power(DC) 4.5V 5.5V
Current 1.5A 4A
Temperature / Humidity Storage Temperature -30 °C 70 °C
Working Humidity 0 %RH 85 %RH
Storage Humidity 0 %RH 95 %RH
Connect Optical Type 1ch Fiber optic module : LC Connector
DVI Type 24 pin DVI-D male Connector
Dimensions W40xD70xH15
TVX-HS : 1ch HDMI optic module