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TVM-IP : IP KVM Extender
- TVX-IP-Tx : Transmitter
- TVX-IP-Rx : Receiver

The TVM-IP Extender transmits keyboard(K), video(V) and mouse(M) signals over the network for up to 2 km. It also re-clocks and equalizes the video signal to minimize signal degradation.

Max. Resolution 1920x1200@60Hz
Max. Pixel Clock 165 MHz
Max. Transmission / Reception Distance (CAT5e)
   - 1080P@60Hz : 100m
   - When using the Hub : 2km
Minimum delay (≤40㎳)
No Switching time (≤500㎳)
Mouse delay (Real)
TVM-IP : IP KVM Extender





Video Resolution 640x480@60Hz 1920x1200@60Hz
Pixel Clock 13.5 MHz 165 MHz
Monitoring DVI Resolution 320x240@60Hz 640x480@60Hz
Transmission Distance CAT5e   100 meter
Power Power(DC) 10 V 14 V
Current 1.5 A 4 A
Connect Ethernet 8 Pin RJ-45 Connector
DVI 24 pin DVI-D Connector
USB Tx In : 4 Pin USB BF Connector
Tx Out + Rx : 4 Pin USB AF Connector
RS-232 9 pin D-Sub or 6 Pin RJ-11 Connector
Dimensions W316xD200xH44
TVM-IP : IP KVM Extender