ProbeCAL software enhances the measurement accuracy of the existing colorimeter probes by the newly developed probe calibration method of TVLogic. Now the color difference (deltaE) can be managed to be under 0.1 compared to our reference color measurement device (spectroradiometer).
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ProbeCAL : Enhanced probe accuracy for perfect monitor calibration
In TVLogic factory, all of our monitors are calibrated using colorimeter probes such as Klein K-10, ColorimetryResearch CR-100 or Minolta CA-210. And a reference spectroradiometer (Konica-Minolta CS-2000A) is used for the maintenance of color measurement quality of the colorimeter probes.
In general, spectroradiometers are very accurate but bigger, heavier, slower and more expensive when compared to colorimeter probes. So we use colorimeter probes for everyday monitor calibration, and then calibrate these probes with the reference device. On the contrary, colorimeter probes (XYZ 3-channel measurement device) are smaller, lighter, faster and cheaper. But the measurement result is not uniform across monitor types, because of the spectral difference.
To reduce this error, makers usually provide 4-color matrix calibration method, which result (probe calibration profile) can be embedded into the probes, and the embedded profiles can be set for different monitors. This surely reduces errors to some extent, but not perfect, because monitor spectrum slightly changes color to color.
To overcome this issue, TVLogic has developed our own probe calibration method called 'ProbeCAL', in order to achieve ultimate accuracy of the probe for any type of monitors. We measure more than 80 colors of target monitor by CS-2000 and the probe, to make parameters for the calibration, and use them for the measurement for monitor calibration. The calibration method is similar to 3D LUT and interpolation. This calibration reduces errors for the entire monitor gamut. It depends on the combination, but the average color difference (compared to CS-2000) can be improved for about 10 times more accurate (average deltaE from around 1.0 to less than 0.1).
probe calibration
ProbeCAL software is designed to easily create probe correction parameters. You need to prepare a target monitor, the master probe and a probe to be calibrated. The parameter is valid for the target monitor and target probe combination. Parameters will be created to compensate the measurement errors and match the master probe.
ProbeCAL software is designed

※ Note: ProbeCAL software is currently for internal use only, but will be available for dealers in the near future. Please contact your local dealer for more information.